About Us


Dr. Justin Horne and Dr. Joshua Miner are dedicated to providing the best pediatric dental care to children in East Texas. Their main goal is to connect with the patients. Treating dental disease is only part of what they wish to accomplish. Helping children grow into adults that enjoy visiting the dentist is more important. They realize every child is different and different approaches are often needed to help kids have a positive dental experience.

Dr. Horne and Dr. Miner have been practicing together for over 4 years. Until recently, they have been part of Pediatric Dental Associates (PDA) in Longview and Marshall. Their treatment philosophies and goals are very similar. They are both fathers and are close friends outside of the office. All these factors led them to begin discussing building their dream practice about a year ago. That dream is currently being built in Longview on HG Moseley and Judson Rd! Until the office is completed, they are continuing to see patients at 5 Doctor Circle, home of the former PDA. All of our patients will be notified when we move into the new building. We are excited!


Dr. Justin Horne and Dr. Joshua Miner


Our new dental office is currently under construction! Please continue to visit us at our current location until it's complete.